Garden Books

Bonsai, Its Art, Science, History & Philosophy
by Deborah R. Koreshoff, 1984. This exceptionally well-designed edition is the equivalent of a master course in bonsai history and techniques. From a lifelong expert on the subject we learn the details of how it is done and see some beautifully photographed examples along the way. Hardcover, 255 pages.
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The Essentials of Bonsai
Editors of Shufunotomo, 1982. A perennial best seller. Good readable introduction to bonsai with many illustrations. Well regarded by experts. Hardcover, 108 pages.
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Bromeliads, a Cultural Manual
Edited by Mark A. Dimmitt, 1992, A publication of the Bromeliad Society, Inc. A brief introduction to bromeliads, their major genera and basic culture. Bibliography and glossary. Over 50 color photos. Softcover, 44 pages.
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(See also Tillandsia book)


Bugs, Slugs, and Other Thugs
by Rhonda Massingham Hart, 1991. A light-hearted yet practical rendition of how to organically control garden pests. While bears, porcupines, and skunks may not be a major concern in your area, snails, thrips, and grasshoppers probably are. Author Rhonda Hart helps you identify your offending intruders and then offers practical, environmentally sound solutions. Enjoyable reading. 214 pages.
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The Dirt Doctors Guide to Organic Gardening
by J. Howard Garrett, 1995. The subtitle is: Essays on the Natural Way. Plenty of practical advice is contained here in a readable and often amusing form. Mr. Garrett knows his organic gardening from experience. Softcover, 216 pages.
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The Ortho Home Gardeners Problem Solver
by Ortho Books, 1993. Adapted from the professional Ortho Problem Solver book used in nurseries. This 400 page book covers all the major problems of landscape plants with solutions recommended. Descriptive color photos of plant problems, well organized; an excellent reference.
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The Bulb Expert
by Dr. D. G. Hessayon, 1995. Help is on the way from Englands all purpose gardening expert. Economy of style allows a plentiful supply of information in text and illustrations. Very colorful and clear with specific tips for each flower bulb. Softcover, 128 pages.
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NEW The Flower Arranging Expert
by Dr. D. G. Hessayon, 1996. Another practical guide, this one for flower arranging organizes and displays a wealth of examples of classic flower arranging. Includes methods of drying flowers, too. Softcover, 128 pages.
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Garden Bulbs for the South
by Scott Ogden, 1994. A reference book for all bulb lovers. 200 beautiful bulbs are described and pictured along with care information, sources, bibliography, and a thorough index. Hardcover, 250 pages.
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Butterfly Gardening
by the Xerces Society in association with the Smithsonian, 1990. Create summer magic in your garden with the help of this delightful and informative guide. More than 100 close-ups of butterflies and their favorite plants. Much information is given for the serious gardener. Personal essays and resource materials. Softcover, 192 pages.
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Hummingbird Gardens
Nancy L. Newfield and Barbara Nielsen, 1996. A fully articulated discussion of hummingbirds divided by regions of the US and Canada. Learn all about these birds and the necessary ingredients of an attractive garden from flowers to feeders. Hardcover, 144 pages.
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Edible Flowers
by Cathy Wilkinson Barash, 1993. Descriptions and care of favorite garden flowers along with some delicious recipes using the blooms. Beautiful photographs and a novel subject. Hardcover, 250 pages.
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Southern Herb Growing
by Madalene Hill & Gwen Barclay with Jean Hardy, 1987. Madalene Hill has had her Hilltop Herb Farm & Restaurant for over 35 years. She gives accurate knowledgeable advice on growing and using herbs. Includes 100 recipes. 315 color photographs. Softcover, 232 pages.
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Landscaping with Herbs
by James Adams, 1987. Plans and specific details on how to plant herbs to achieve various historic and creative styles of landscaping. A useful chart with over 600 herbs. Hardcover, 223 pages.
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The Tropical Look - Riffle

NEW The Tropical Look
By Robert Lee Riffle, 1998. “An encyclopedia of dramatic landscape plants”containing 428 pages of information on tropical ornamentals arranged by botanical name. Also 400 high quality color photographs showing plants in tropical habitats. This reference is very readable and contains culture hints on each plant.
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Based on Taylors Encyclopedia of Gardening, 1987. More than 400 photographs and 322 descriptions with step by step instructions make this a very comprehensive guide to indoor gardening. Softcover, 463 pages.
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by Gordon Courtright, 1988. Now in paperback! A beautiful book with photos and descriptions of hundreds of tropical plants for planting in frost-free climates. Many are also grown in greenhouses and as container plants elsewhere. 155 pages
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Antique Roses for the South
by William C. Welch, 1990. A fascinating book for the rose lover. It tells the story of rediscovering old roses, the many practical tips for using them in the landscape in the South, and creative craft projects and recipes. Also a mini-encyclopedia fully describing over 150 old rose varieties. Chock full of color photos. Hardcover, 202 pages.
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Classic Roses
by Peter Beales, 1985. A masterful work by a world class gardener, this readable reference gives the history, culture, and aesthetic theory of the worlds favorite flower, the rose. 540 color photos and specific descriptions for over 1000 of the best roses arranged by species and with hybrids, too. Hardcover, 432 pages.
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Xeriscape Plant Guide
Various Editors, 1996. Find plants for your dry land garden. Detailed portraits of over 100 ornamental plants including landscape use, care, native range, and companion plants. Color photos by seasons. A best seller and well recommended. Hardcover, 192 pages.
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