Now Let's Examine China Lake Acres, California

The typical family size in China Lake Acres, CA is 3.33 household members, with 47.9% being the owner of their own residences. The mean home valuation is $119253. For individuals paying rent, they spend an average of $919 monthly. 20.4% of families have 2 sources of income, and an average domestic income of $. Average income is $25812. 34% of citizens exist at or beneath the poverty line, and 15% are disabled. 11.3% of residents of the town are former members associated with armed forces of the United States.

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The labor force participation rate in China Lake Acres is 47%, withThe labor force participation rate in China Lake Acres is 47%, with an unemployment rate of 3.6%. For all when you look at the work force, the typical commute time is 43.4 minutes. 0.8% of China Lake Acres’s populace have a grad diploma, and 21.7% posses a bachelors degree. For everyone without a college degree, 26.3% have at least some college, 34.1% have a high school diploma, and only 17.1% possess an education significantly less than twelfth grade. 5.1% are not included in medical insurance.