Local Books

Although many of our books by Kentuckians or about Kentucky are included in our fully searchable database, there are hundreds of other books (typically those published locally) that won't be found there. If you can't find the title you're looking for, please email or call us: we carry thousands of Kentucky books. Below is a list of our favorite "off the radar" Kentucky titles:
Model: catfish

Fake IDs by Katie Humphress
Model: 9780982751992

Lexington-Fayette Co. Sketchbook
Model: 1500805955

Splayed by Christopher McCurry
Model: 9780615948386

"Terra Incognita" 2014 Calendar by Guy Mendes
Model: 9780615847085

Chevy Chase Inn by Sarah Razor
Model: 9780985785208

Scuffletown by Chris Mattingly
Model: 9780984496167

That Bird Your Heart by Tasha Cotter
Model: 9781622291847

Periodicity by Iris Law
Model: 9781622292271

ransom notes by Tina Andry
Model: 9781936628179

Broken Tulips by Jeremy Paden
Model: 9781936628186

In Nonestica by Morgan Adams
Model: 9781936628162

insignificant white girl by Elizabeth Beck
Model: 9781937347123

Stick Tight Man by Jim Lally
Model: 9780984411801

Numbered Bones by Bobby Steve Baker
Model: 9781936628001

Incommunicado: Poems by Eric Scott Sutherland
Model: 9780615145860

Old Man Gloom by Arwen Donahue
Model: 9781105417177

Bee-Coursing Box by Matthew Haughton
Model: 9780984411863

Wordsmith: My Life in Journalism by Al Smith
Model: 9780983263968

Hike the Bluegrass by Valerie L. Askren
Model: 9780615504476

Singapore! by Jack DuArte
Model: 9781883589974